We are a charity boxing brand

We hope to create products that look, feel and do good, inside and outside of the gym. Today, we start small but aim to grow bigger tomorrow.

We believe boxing
has the power
to change lives

No single sport has such a fundamental impact on our character than boxing.
When entering the squared circle, it’s not about beating anybody else, it’s about beating our own personal best. As Rocky showed us: boxing is a school of life and the ring is our teacher.

It confronts us with our deepest fears (or do you like getting hit?)
It teaches us that defeat is not declared when we fall, but when we refuse to stand up. It shows us that anger is useless and dancing is our sharpest weapon.

Boxing builds confidence, discipline, calm, friendship and respect. More importantly, it has an almost unmatched capability to combat a massive range of social problems, including crime, educational underachievement, health and fitness, and community cohesion.

We make it to our task to support initiatives and people who use the power of boxing for personal or collective development, social cohesion, physical and emotional health.

We do so by speaking to the global boxing community, raising their awareness and support for local initiatives in need.

We are made in the squared circle.

Our code of conduct

  1. Wear our items as a badge, inside and outside the ring
  2. Treat everybody who enters the squared circle as family
  3. Train and train often; it’s repetition that makes us better
  4. Learn to dance, it will make your boxing better. Ask Vasyl Lomachenko
  5. Get up, when you think you can’t, but don’t hurry – you have 10 seconds
  6. Learn from your mistakes, the first black eye might be cool, the second is stupid
  7. Make friends, not enemies, in the ring
  8. Look for somebody to learn from and be an example to others
  9. Watch Rocky at least once, but please don’t take his technique too seriously
  10. Never brawl – it’s called the sweet science for a reason
  11. Tell us about people who we should support
  12. Tell us your story

The Team

Photo by Jakob Sinn

Three friends, one dog and a lot love for the sport.
made in the squared circle is the brainchild of Alex, Sebastian, Lorin and his dog, dux.

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Friends and supporters

Thank you DINAMO for letting us use the beautiful Monument font and Ariel Martín Pérez of VELVETYNE for crazy Ouroboros. Thumbs up for our friend Julian Krieg who did the coding of this website and Maximilian Bartsch for taking the photos of our model Kerim Kolonic.