Frequently asked questions

What is the “squared circle”?

Originally boxers fought in a circle, roughly drawn on the ground. In 1838, the Pugilistic Society added support ropes to identify the border of the ring more clearly, creating a 24 foot (7,3 meter ) square. Since then, the boxing ring is commonly referred to as the “squared circle.”  

Who do you support?

Generally we are open to working with anyone who uses boxing for doing good. We are interested in working with initiatives, clubs, coaches, communities, gyms or professionals who try to fight social, health or even political problems.

Why do you donate 12%?

We’re in it for the long run. We want to get through the full 12 rounds without fatigue. 12% is the share we, as a private project, can donate while assuring long term growth and re-investment to support as many charity projects as possible.

What do you donate?

We don’t hand over money. We fund things that have a direct impact like buying equipment, training gear or even supporting excursions, whatever is in need and whatever we define together with an initiative.